We trade for you

Our professional trading system enables us to trade for you with guaranteed profits of over 35%+ on all trades.

Trading Strategy

Our trading strategy is available for purchase. It guarantees steady profit to traders who subscribe to this service.

Flexible Trade System

We provide two (2) flexible trade systems
1. Short Trades
2. Extended Trades.

INSTANT Take Profit

Our system allows all clients to instantly take profits during trades. This is enabled for the benefit of all clients

Online Support 24/7

Our Tech team is online to provide support to clients that may need assistance in operatiing with our framework.

7% Referral System

All trading investors are rewarded with 7% of initial trade amounts of their referrals on Rovinet.

LiveMarket Data


We are successful Trading Experts.

We are Trading Strategy Developers for multi securities trading. Rovinet is run by professional traders with wealth of experience in Foreign Exchange, Binary Options, Stock and other Securities. We have passion for prospective and current traders. Trading on Exchanges, Binary, and other securities require great technical and tactical abilities which is uncommon. This makes the trading business more intellectually tasking. With us, it is always success. Our services are managed by trained professionals with result-oriented output. We provide trading investors with support and trading strategy for achieving profits.

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FAQ and Results

What is minimum deposit?
There is no minimum deposit. Minimum and maximum ranges apply to trade amounts only.
For every successful deposit, you will receive an email confirmation from us. The deposit amount will also reflect on your dashboard.
We have provided deposit options in your dashboard, you are at liberty to chose which deposit mode that suits you.
Trade and Bonuses

We offer two trade types, SHORT TRADES and LONG TRADES. Each of these trades can run at the same time in your account.

Short Trades:

Short Trades run for a period of 7 days and returns not less than 10% profit guaranteed.
The mimimum trading amount for SHORT TRADE is $500.
Maximum trading amount for SHORT TRADE is $50,000
Short Trade funds are allocated within 6 hours of initiation

Long Trades:

Long Trades run for a period of 21 days and returns not less than 35% profit guaranteed.
The mimimum trading amount for long trades is $100.
Maximum trading amount for LONG TRADE is $100,000
Long Trade funds are allocated within 12 hours of initiation

Trade Profit: All clients can take available profit in the course of the trade.

Trade Cancellation: All trades can be cancelled as it runs. Note: When a trade is cancelled, the capital shall be returned to your balance and thr profit is lost.

Bonuses: We reward our consistent clients with bonuses periodically.


Withdrawals are processed within 6 hours from the time of initiation.
A 2% charge is placed on every withdrawal